The perfect gift is something that, maybe you wouldn’t have bought yourself, but once you have it, you understand why people would. In fact, maybe you realize that you undervalued things like this in the past entirely.
Great gifts are undervalued in small business. The resonating experience of quality in a tool people use every day is a way to stay top of mind by adding to a great feeling. A knife so good it never gets back to the drawer. A family that calls it “the knife” in “where’s the knife!”
Vonny Fast is a gift to my business. We’ve crafted a client experience around referral business that starts at the time our clients provide their 5-Star Review and builds over a series of referrals. Just like my kids are closing me on their next Happy Meal Toy my clients are closing their friends to make sure they build toward their block of high-quality kitchen tools from Sharp Gifts.
Referral business is our largest and most important source of business so we make sure Vonny is there to make that experience special for our A-List clients. We have many options when it comes to how we choose to exchange value with our most important clients, and we trust Sharp Gifts because Vonny Fast and her team create meaningful experiences for our clients.

Taylor Hack

Team Leader | REALTOR®
HACK&Co | RE/MAX River City

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Since getting into real estate, one of the most stressful things for me was never the real estate transaction but always trying to figure out what to get clients for gifts. I wanted to recognize how much we appreciate working with each person along with having their trust and support. That part of the process always felt like a lot of pressure. I knew I wanted to find “one thing” that was quality; would work for the majority of people and that they could keep forever. Vonny helped us figure out the Cutco package that could do just that. Our clients love it and I am able to say I own all the same products myself. I can tell them how much I love the ice cream scoop and the pizza cutter! Most importantly we realized very quickly that Vonny has the same value system regarding her clients that we do with ours. It gave us the trust to know we were working not only with a fantastic product but with a person we could trust. We highly recommend Cutco and especially Vonny and her team.

Marnie Campbell
Realtor® | Team Lead

As my business grew, I found it was near impossible to find something unique and I was always under stress and pressure to get a gift for possession day…that was 3 years ago now, and I finally met with Vonny to start giving Cutco Gifts.  The product ended up being amazing – the biggest thing for me is it took all the stress off.  Now when I go to possession , I don’t ever have to think about it, it’s all ready to go.  And everyone is always wowed and super grateful – they just love the gift every single time.

Mike Star

“I’ve been using your gifts since February 2010.  During that time I have had a client use me 3 times.  They love their knives so much they actually requested a set of steak knives as a gift.  I love my own knives and will continue to use these as client gifts for a long time.  And your service is always amazing.  I’m a client for life.”


Melanie Galea

RE/MAX Fort McMurray 

“The gifts are stunning…and they are time pieces you can’t get away from…”

-Derek Timmons, 
CIR Realty

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